Astute Technical Recruitment
Industrious Interiors

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The client appreciated our input during the early planning stages of the project, reassured that everything aspect had been thought through before the project went live.

Our inclusive and collaborative approach with both client and specialist contractors demonstrated that we genuinely cared about providing the best service and ultimately the best standard of finish leaving the client with a fantastic office environment, a standard of fit-out that is the envy of all other tenants at Lakeside and probably one of the best in Hampshire!

We have assisted UK expert technical recruiter Astute Technical in a number of ways over the last 7 years so were thrilled to win a full-service contract with them to deliver an innovative, Industrial look and feel to new offices they were expanding into.

Glazed interior offices with bespoke manifestation and a modern stylish carpet finish wrap around a large, warm and inviting kitchen/break-out space in the centre of the office and very much the heart of the business but the open and exposed services in the ceiling are most definitely the feature of the office and fitted the industrial look brief perfectly.